“The Cookout”: A Juneteenth Celebration to Remember in Las Vegas

In the world of event planning in Las Vegas, creating experiences that resonate with the community and bring people together is our mission at 360 Point Fusion. This year, we had the distinct honor of collaborating with the Cambridge Recreation Center for a remarkable event known as “The Cookout,” a Juneteenth celebration that was both a commemoration of a significant moment in history and a joyous gathering of community.

Collaborating with Cambridge Recreation Center

Our collaboration with the Cambridge Recreation Center, located at 3930 Cambridge St., Las Vegas, NV 89119, was instrumental in bringing “The Cookout” to life. Their spacious indoor facilities and commitment to community engagement made them the perfect partner for this celebration.

The 360 Photo Booth Experience

One of the highlights of “The Cookout” was our 360 Photo Booth. This immersive experience allowed guests to capture the joy and excitement of the day in a unique and interactive way. The booth was a hit, with attendees lining up to take their turn and create a memorable keepsake from the event.

Entertainment and Activities

In addition to the 360 Photo Booth, Cambridge Recreation Center arranged a variety of entertainment and activities. Local vendors and businesses showcased their services, and a range of food and merchandise, highlighting the richness of African American culture. They also organized activities to provide attendees with more information about the history and significance of Juneteenth.

Special Shoutouts

We want to give a special shoutout to “Sistas that Paint” and “Hair Trapper of LV” for their contributions to the event. Their talents and services added a unique touch to “The Cookout,” and we’re grateful for their participation. We also want to thank the Metropolitan Police for ensuring the safety of all attendees. And, of course, a huge thank you to all who attended and made “The Cookout” a resounding success.

Reflecting on Success

“The Cookout” was more than just an event; it was a celebration of history, culture, and community. As being a part of the event planning industry in Las Vegas, we are incredibly proud of the role we played in bringing this event to life. We look forward to planning and executing more events that honor important moments in history, foster community, and create lasting memories.

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